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If you own a WordPress blog, it’s likely that you’ve spent countless hours working with add-ons and plugins to make your site look its very best. You may have researched all there is to know about SEO content to help get your blog to the very top of all the popular search engines. But, after all that hard work, you have still neglected one important aspect of designing a successful WordPress blog, the speed of your page.

What Makes a Blog Successful?

There are many aspects that can help make your WordPress blog successful. The images and videos that you place on your page need to be relevant to your main topic. If you blog for your own personal business, you need to feature videos of the products that you sell and have high-quality images that highlight your products in great detail.

High-Quality Features Can Sometimes Mean Low-Quality Speed

However, if someone is viewing your blog with a poor Internet connection, they may become frustrated with all the large images and video files that must load so that they may see your content. You don’t want to lose potential customers or frequent visitors to your blog just because it takes too long to load. And you don’t want to sacrifice all your hard work to create a minimal blog with very few features.

What Causes a Blog to Slow Down?

There are several factors that can cause the speed of your blog to slow down. It could be due to the level of quality provided by your host. You are sharing a server with hundreds of other bloggers and that means there could be days where your site is slower than usual. Plus, if you decided to go with a low-quality host to save money, then it turns out that you’re getting what you paid for.

A good blog host such as WordPress will help to improve the quality of your blog so that you may avoid many of these speed issues. However, you can’t simply depend on the host to provide you with the speed boost that you need. That is why you should think about adding WordPress Speed Boost to your blog for better browsing speed and efficiency.

Why Having a Fast Loading Blog is Important

You may think that your site’s content is the number one factor that you should worry about but think again. The speed that your site loads is also vital to the success of your blog. Your search ranking, a number of page views, the satisfaction of your readers and your revenue all depend on how fast your blog is. Page loading speed is now a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. Faster load times mean higher rankings for you, and that will obviously lead to more traffic.

Even though page speed is just around one percent of what helps determine the rank of your page on Google, there is still no reason to forget about it. When you have a faster web page, you have a better overall visitor experience. Slow and sluggish websites led to poor user experiences and will cause your web popularity to drop. You will notice your bounce rate is on the rise as page views fall and you start to lose profits.

Could Your WordPress Blog Use a Speed Boost?

If you have noticed that your blog is no longer getting as many hits as it used to after you upgraded with high-quality graphics and images, it may be time to consider giving your WordPress Blog a Speed Boost.

This impressive service can help to optimize your blog with premium caching, database optimizing and other tweaks that will make your page load faster than ever before. This will ensure that all your visitors will get to enjoy your content at the same pace and you will no longer have anyone abandon your blog due to sluggish speeds, failure to load images, or video buffering.

About WordPress Speed Boost

Did you know that 73 percent of all Internet said they’ve encountered a website that was too slow for them to view? That’s a lot of people who could be viewing your website or blog right now, but instead moved on to your competitor because they didn’t have time to wait on your painfully slow site. There are several negative affects to owning a slow website. Poor user experiences and unhappy visitors are enough to turn a potential customer away for good. You could also end up with a lower site ranking while also losing out on sales and leads. If you care about what Google has to say about your page, then you need to do something about it quickly.

WordPress Speed Boost can help with…

  • Caching
  • Database Optimization
  • Reducing Image Size without sacrificing quality
  • Reducing your Page Size
  • And reducing the Page Load Time

All you have to do to learn more about WordPress Speed Boost is submit your URL. We will then send you free advice and recommendations on how you can improve your blog’s overall speed, along with details on our various WordPress Speed Up Services.

WordPress Speed Boost Pricing Plans for Every Budget

When you first start a WordPress blog for your business, you may not have a large budget to work with. That is why we offer several pricing plans, with our Basic plan starting at just $5, to help you achieve your premium blogging goals. If you are pleased with the service, you are free to upgrade at any time to the Standard or Premium Package.

Here is a breakdown of what each package has to offer.

Basic $5

  • Only Caching and Basic Minification
  • NO Image Optimization

Standard $25

  • Includes Basic Package
  • Standard Minification
  • Images Optimized

Premium $45

  • Standard Package Included
  • Heavy Minification
  • Heavy Image Optimization
  • Will add Google AMP for all Posts

If you feel that giving your blog a speed boost will bring more traffic to your page and help your company earn more profit overall, be sure to send your URL to us when you place your order for WordPress Speed Boost at https://www.fiverr.com/kenjennings.