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We Make Shopify Stores Faster

Faster websites make more money by improving your key metrics.

Our team of Shopify experts will analyze and optimize your site to make it lighter, faster, and more Google friendly.
Why Shopify Page Speed Matters

A 1 second decrease in load speed can increase conversions by 1% – 7%

Faster load speed improves conversions and SEO but there’s no exact formula, so based on public case studies we set the algorithm on the Calculator to a 2% increase in conversions for every 1 second of speed change.

Through A/B testing, Zalando found that a 100ms improvement in load time led to a 0.7% increase in revenue per session.
A 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% decrease in conversions
In an analysis of 10 billion user visits, Akamai found that a 2 second delay on mobile decreased conversions by 26% and negatively affected session length and bounce rate

Why Is A Fast Website Important?

If you have any type of website, optimization is important, but even more so for ecommerce sites because it can directly affect sales.

User Experience

A faster site gets more engagement and customer satisfaction


Google has indicated that site speed is one of the signals used by its algorithm to rank pages

Conversion Rate

Lower bounce rate, higher customer satisfaction, and quicker time to checkout


More traffic + more engagement = more customers

Work With Us

We have a team of Shopify developers ready to improve your site’s performance. Here’s our flow:


Optimize your Shopify site with our optimization packages or scroll down for individual services.


Browse our Services here. After purchase, we’ll reach out to confirm your order and project details.


We use best practices combined with experience and proprietary checklists to make your site lighter and faster.

Choose Your Weapon!

You control the speed … Choose the plan that’s right for you



  • Complete Shopify Store Home Page Optimization
  • Standard Minifying of HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Standard Database Optimization
  • Images Optimization & Scaling
  • Before / After Optimization Speed Report

Popular Choice



  • Complete Shopify Store Speed Optimization
  • Standard Minifying of HTML, CSS, Javascript + More
  • Standard Database Optimization
  • General App Analysis
  • App Deferring as Needed
  • Images Optimization & Scaling
  • Before / After
  • Optimization Speed Report



  • Complete Shopify Store Speed Optimization
  • Advanced Minifying of HTML, CSS, Javascript + More
  • Advanced Data Base Optimization
  • Full App Analysis
  • Strategic App Deferring
  • Images Optimization & Scaling
  • Security Analyzed and Secured
  • Before / After Optimization Speed Report
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